Rokas Constructions SA is the most specialized company in Greece in the design and manufacturing of industrial equipment. Its activities cover the local needs in this sector, but it is also present in Europe, Middle East, India and China. Its main fields of activity are:

Steel Mills

Gantry Cranes and Loading Cranes scrap

Overhead Travelling Cranes

Winches and Lifting Equipment of open type and big capacity

Power Stations

Gantry Cranes and Cranes for Large Hydro Power Plants

Gantry Cranes and Cranes of Thermo Power Stations

Other Industrial Lifting Equipment

Gantry cranes and Cranes

Maintenance cranes

Cranes of all types for Industrial Units

Among the projects that the company has constructed in the above sectors are:

Twenty three cranes for Halyvourgiki

Cranes for the Elefsina Shipyards and other cranes for Industrial Units

Elefsina Shipyards

Maintenance Cranes (Rion-Antirrion) and other Gantry Cranes (Corinth Pipeworks, Halyvourgiki, Halyvourgia Thessalias), Loading Cranes scrap (Halyvourgiki).

Gantry Cranes (Solinourgia Korinthou)

Gantry Cranes (Solinourgia Korinthou)

Halyvourgiki (production management)

Two overhead travelling cranes, double girder, with rotating trolley, for the new rolling mill of Halyvourgiki (2006).

Halyvourgiki (New Rolling Mill)
Overhead travelling crane, 15 tons capacity & 27m. span.

Halyvourgiki (New Rolling Mill)
View of rotating trolley

Two overhead travelling cranes with anti-sway, drives synchronization and anti-collision device systems, for the New Mesh Warehouse of Halyvourgiki (2006).

Halyvourgiki (New Mesh Warehouse)
Overhead travelling crane, 10 tons capacity & 62m. span.

Grab of 5.0 cubic metres capacity for the handling of laterite in the Raw Materials Warehouse

Overhead traveling crane – 16 tons capacity with grab, for the new Raw Materials Warehouse in LARCO G.M.M.S.A., Larymna

Halyvourgiki (New Mesh Warehouse)
View of special gripper during the transportation of structural steel mesh

One Overhead crane 90 ton capacity for LARCO G.M.M.SA Plant in Larymna

Heavy Steel Structures
The Company manufactures complex structures, in parallel to the design and installation of lifting and transport machinery, as a result of the diversification model.

Among the projects that Rokas has constructed in this sector in Greece and abroad are:

Conveyor Belts

Two aggregate crushers and three lignite stackers for the South lignite Field of Ptolemaida (PPC).

Concrete Pre-heating tower for the factory of TITAN company, in Thessalonika.

Passenger Terminal Building of the new Athens International Airport

Hangars and Industrial Buildings

Corinth Pipeworks

Automatic Loading System for Alumina for ALUMINIUM DE GRECE

Two thousand tons of combined steel structures for a cement factory in Damascus-Syria

Large number of electric overhead travelling cranes for countries such as SYRIA, JORDAN, CYPRUS, SAUDI ARABIA

(Halyvourgiki) Loading Scrap Cranes

In 2001, following an international tender, the company was assigned the construction of five maintenance platforms for the Rion-Antirrion bridge. Each platform is installed under the bridge and in every bridge opening between the bridge towers.

The platforms provide access to the undersurface of the bridge to the staff in charge of its maintenance. Despite their weight (40 tons), the platforms can move with great accuracy along the bridge with speed 30 m/min. Furthermore, as the platforms are permanent bridge constructions, they have been built with the most rigid antifouling standards as far as both their steel framework and their mechanical equipment is concerned. The project was completed successfully despite its complex technical features satisfied all entities that were in charge of the quality control of all Bridge constructions.